Marking Gauge Woodworking Tool Set, 8 Inches Wheel Marking Gauge, Dovetail Marking Jig Marking Tool for Woodworking

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  • Dovetail Marking Jig: Made from High Quality Aluminum, Easy to use woodworker marking tool for wood joints. 4 types of proportion marked 1: 5 1: 6 1: 8 1: 10 to meet different needs, the traditional angles for softwood and hardwood dovetails respectively.
  • Dovetail Marking Jig: Marked out accurately with either slopes for soft and hard woods, Accurate Dovetail Layout, Suitable for softwood, hardwood and other woods, this dovetail marking gauge is a useful aid when setting out.
  • Wheel marking gauge: Is a indispensable gadget when marking out precision jointery. Wheel marking gauge can be used as a depth gauge too.Quick turn of the knurled knobs makes adjustments faster and easier.
  • Wheel marking gauge: Fast and easy to operate with balanced feel. Great for quick measurement transfers for woodworking. 8 inch Precision-ground steel rod, graduated 1 mm/ 1/25 inch increments for easy reference, ensure the adjustments are accurate.
  • Package include: 1 x Dovetail Marking Jig, 1 x Wheel Marking Gauge, US based customer support, 30 days full satisfaction no question asked return period.