KOTTO Solder Sucker, Vacuum Desoldering Pump, Removal Hand Tool for Soldering Welding

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  • [STURDY] Made of high quality 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and precision CNC machined. This high efficiency solder sucker can remove solder from circuit boards simply by cocking it, and pressing the trigger button with one hand.
  • [CONVENIENT] The solder braid quickly absorbs molten solder and leaves a clean working area.
  • [DURABLE] Quick and easy for solder residue clearance. Withstands direct contact with soldering iron.
  • [EFFECTIVE] Powerful suction for solder removal. Internal spring produces strong suction.
  • Our US based customer service means that you can trust that if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a hassle-free refund or replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 262 reviews
Kelli Reyes
Surprisingly high quality for the price

It works really well. No need to purchase a more expensive version of this device

Deborah Patterson
great item

Used these as soon as I got them today. Worked great on repairing my dashboard

Zachary Peterson
worked perfectly

needed this to help remove a contact switch for an xbox one right bumper that wasnt working. best tip is to add more solder to the component before trying to use any solder sucker. this one worked perfect. cleaned out the thru hole usually the first try, and the times it didnt were down to user error, ie i messed up. seems to be well made.

Mark Cortez
This product sucks (in a good way)

Does the job

Kenneth Allen
These little suckers really suck

These solder suckers really suck!The solder that is, andIn a good way. 8-).I used one recently to help repair a circuit board where I had applied too much solder.I gave them a 4 out of 5 mainly because the one I was using could use just a tad bit more suction.Overall these guys can be life savers.