KOTTO Solder Smoke Absorber Remover Fume Extractor Smoke Prevention Absorber DIY Working Fan for Soldering Station

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  • Solder Smoke Absorber/Fume Remover/Smoke Extractor Prevention Absorber DIY Working Fan for Soldering Station
  • 0.4 inch thick activated carbon filter absorbs and captures fumes from solder, flux, chemicals, gases and helps to prevent dissipation into the room.
  • Optimized 3000 RPM high suction fan is low noise and allows you to remove fumes 5-6 inches away. 4 non-slip heavy duty rubber feet anchors the unit to the ground. Handy carrying handle allows you to move the unit easily.
  • Easy to replace filter, Includes one replacement filter. Working temperature: -20℃~60℃, Power consumption: 120V, 30W (50 / 60Hz).
  • US based customer support, 30 days full satisfaction no question asked return period.
  • An activated carbon filter with a thickness of 0.4 inches collects and retains fumes from solder, flux, chemicals, and gases, preventing them from dissipating into the room.
  • Low-noise 3000 RPM high-suction fan helps you to clear fumes from 5-6 inches away. The unit is secured to the ground by four non-slip heavy-duty rubber feet. You can effortlessly move the unit thanks to the convenient carrying handle.
  • The filter is simple to replace, and one replacement filter is included. Temperature range: -20°C to 60°C; power consumption: 120V, 30W (50/60Hz).

    Customer Reviews

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    Cindy Wilcox
    You get what you pay for. This wont protect you from lead and it only absorbs from 2 inches away

    The fan is fairly quiet, sturdy and well build. Its cute. I cant think of what this would actually be effective for, but it isnt effective for soldering with lead. Two inches is NOT a large distance. I had to set this fan on top of the piece I was soldering to get it close enough to absorb the smoke. I can see right through the carbon filter. I doubt it actually absorbed anything, but only a blood test will tell. What I have learned so far: the most expensive filters can filter particles down to .1 microns. Lead, smoke, viruses and mold spores can be about that size, maybe smaller for all I know. Given the price point and my astute observation skills (aka holding the filter up to the light and looking through the gaping holes) I am really doubtful that this carbon filter can absorb anything even 10x bigger. After some careful and lengthy research, Ill build my own. If youre soldering with lead or other heavy metals, do your research. Protect yourself.

    Christopher Palmer
    Works exactly as advertised

    Don't breathe fumes, that stuff is, literally, toxic. I recognized this design from working at an electronics company, so I was thrilled to have a chance to review it. The thing works as advertised, comes with several filters, and realistically makes the least amount of noise a fan can. The most important thing it does is draw the fumes from away from going straight up into your face. I can't believe the charcoal filters can remove all of the smoke, but the air does come out the other end transparent. Couldn't be happier :)

    Great for nail polish fumes

    I make nail polish and my apartment isnt very well ventilated, even with the patio door open, so I was getting headaches and sore throat from the polish base fumes. Some of the pigments and fine glitters I work with also fly into the air when I open the bag or when Im mixing, which can get on the table, my glasses, or in my lungs! It sucks the little stray particles of pigment and glitter right up, and helps immensely with getting rid of most of the smell when Im mixing. I do have to work pretty closely to it which makes the polish a little on the cold side which is can cause clumping, but its worth it. Quiet too!

    Rebecca Baker
    Keeps work area free of solder fumes

    Works very well to keep work area free of solder fumes. Beefy construction, stays in place - not easily bumped from placement area.

    Daniel Gregory
    Good solder smoke absorber!

    Love it. Not much to say, it works great but is quite loud.