KOTTO LED Lighted Magnifying Glass with Built-in Clamp, Flexible Handle, and 300% Magnifying Power for Work Bench Task Craft

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  • Great Magnifying Power: It can magnify up to 300%. Hence, even really small and intricate items can be clearly seen behind the glass. A great magnifying option if you want to look at and study circuit boards. It’s also suitable for any other applications that require clarity and precision in their magnification.
  • Additional Light: This product can also be used at night, as it is lighted. The whole glass is surrounded by 16 powerful LED lights that are very bright. Their brightness consists of various levels and can easily be adjusted. Therefore, this built-in artificial light can be a great substitute for natural light.
  • Flexible and Easily Adjustable: This magnifier is flexible in nature, and therefore you can easily adjust its shape to suit your comfort and requirements.
  • Made from High Quality Materials: This product is meant to last a very long time. It has been made from high quality materials, and has been designed to be sturdy and robust. This makes it resistant to any form of wear and tear.
  • Also has a clamp: No issues regarding the placement of this Magnifier. Its built-in clamp means that you can attach it to any surface you want, for example a table.