KOTTO Contour Gauge Duplicator, Tools Mode Contour 10 Inch and 5 Inch, Angle Layout Measuring Ruler for Measurement for Handymen, Builders, Craftsmen, with Storage Bag

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  • Contour Gauge Duplicator:Easily copy any shape or duplicate a profile exactly for woodworking or tile flooring/linoleum installation where you want to replicate the shape of moldings or match cut outs around door casings and pipes.
  • Made of ABS plastic, the contour gauge is tough, durable, high strength, and will not scratch the original finish of the shape being duplicated, The contour gauge is useful for measuring moldings for reproduction, copying curves and a variety of other contour matching jobs around the home and shop;Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, moulding, perfect for irregular items.
  • Angle Measuring Ruler: Our Angle Ruler is made from premium Aluminum which won’t rust, break and will last longer.
  • Angle Measuring Ruler: EASY TO USE: Just place the angle template tool on where you need to work, slide the rulers into the shape you need, and turn left tighten the screws.Then you can adjust any desired angles as a reusable stencil for endless applications. Our angle template tool will help you get the job done right!
  • Package Contents: 10 inch Plastic Contour Gauge (Blue) * 1, 5 inch Plastic Contour Gauge (Red)* 1, Layout Measuring Ruler * 1, Storage Bag * 1