Kotto 20L Trash Can

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High quality and durable trash can. 

this lever press trash can allows for hands-free waste disposal.

Additionally, there is a sturdy handle from which you can easily move your trash can anywhere you wish

  • Durable: the stainless steel base is scratch resistant and and dent-resistant. Feel reassured knowing that Kotto 20L trash can is built to last! 
  • Level Press - Don't bother touching the gross lid of your trash can, use the foot level press to seamlessly open the trash can with ease. Avoid the fuss and enjoy hands free trash disposal
  • Easy Carrying Handle - This trash can is easy to lift and lightweight to be moved anywhere you want in your home or office. Just grab it by the convenient handle and haul that trash can anywhere the kotto 20L can is needed
  • Plastic Base to protect your floors
  • Large size: 20L of trash storage is perfect for providing your large family with the trash services they need while reducing the number of trips to the dumpster on trash day. A great solution for folks trying to cut down on plastic bag usage

Customer Reviews

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Emily Dudley
Good Basic Can

This is a good basic trash can. There are a couple of things that I don't care for. When you put a trash bag in the can it is rather difficult to get the can to set properly and the lid to close. You have to work the bag down in the back which is a bit of a pain. It is also difficult to remove the bag when it gets full. I have to take the whole inside can out in order to remove the bag. This may be from us having a lot of trash in the can but the one we had before didn't have the problem. Overall, good basic trash can.

Jennifer T.
Excellent, high quality product

Beautiful, rich color; solid construction, high-quality material. This is a great product. I have also purchased a few other (inexpensive) products from this company and am always satisfied with what I have bought. I wish their larger trash cans weren't so expensive, but all the small ones I've gotten are a great value and definitely worth the price.

Donna Harris
Perfect for the Bathroom

Simple design. Fits neatly into my bathroom. White color makes it blend in nicely.

Lori Richards
Great Quality , Size and Design

Great looking waste basket for any small space. Very functional.

Very attractive and works well!!

Very attractive and works well!!