Kotto Expandable Garden Hose with 10 Spray Nozzles

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Discover the unrivaled quality of Kotto's Expandable Garden Hose, the ultimate solution for any outdoor watering task. This outdoor water hose revolutionizes your gardening experience, boasting a 100-foot length ideal for tackling heavy-duty watering projects. It offers 10 functional safety spray nozzle options, making it versatile enough for pressure washing, garden fencing, or delicate watering tasks. Crafted from wear-resistant, lightweight, and thick materials, this water hose remains flexible and kink-free, expanding to three times its original size under water pressure. Its sturdy polyester and latex construction ensures longevity without leaks, while its expandable and contractable design allows for easy portability and storage in the included travel bag. The water hose for outside features a soft rubber touch grip for ergonomic handling and a buckle brace for continuous spray, saving both labor and time. Equipped with solid brass fittings that resist cracking, rust, and corrosion, it guarantees durability and reliability. Its convenient ON/OFF switch valves enable water conservation and precision watering. This Kotto water hose includes a garden hose holder, a 10-nozzle ergonomic handheld sprayer, three interchangeable garden hose nozzle heads, and a portable travel bag for effortless storage. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Kotto's expandable garden hose for all your outdoor watering needs.


  • Durable 3300D Polyester Fabric with Latex Core: The flexible, expandable 100-foot hose can withstand kinks, breaks, and even leaks because of its flexible design. It comes with extras, including a 10-nozzle spray hose, garden hose holder, and storage bag
  • Lightweight, Portable, and Easy to Use: You can easily move the expandable garden hose around any patio or garden. This water hose for outside will not tangle and can stretch up to 100 feet to reach even the farthest of spots in your backyard
  • Expandable - The garden hose grows to 100 feet in seconds upon turning the water pressure on and quickly retracts to the original size for easy storage and use. Just ensure enough water pressure to drain the water hose after use
  • 0.75-inch Universal Connectors: Our garden hose includes 3/4-inch connectors that attach to any faucet, allowing you to connect anywhere without additional adapters. The brass connectors are built to last! Connect to any faucet you want with the three included garden hose nozzles. You can even connect your kitchen sink with the included adapters
  • Ergonomic Rubber Spray Hand Grip: You will feel the quality of the 100-foot expandable garden hose handle for effortless operation, with a built-in lock to allow for continuous spraying

Customer Reviews

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Alyssa Williford
liked the no kink, no tangle and no tear features

Had a different one from a different company. They didn't have a 50 ft one then. I liked it, so I wanted another 25 ft to connect them. I found this website offering the same hose but with a lifetime waranty. I got it, and it's just like my first one and connects well. My old plastic hose was always getting tangled and damaged. I thought a expandable hose would be better. I was worried it might be heavy, but it's actually light, only about 2.5 lbs. It doesn't tangle or kink, which is awesome. The hose is 5/8 inches thick on outside, so the inside is a bit thinner. There are other models that might be thicker, but I didn't see any info on that. The water flow is good which was another concern of mine. I haven't used it much yet because it's been raining a lot. But it seems way more durable than plastic hoses. I'll see how it holds up in the summer. The nozzle that comes with it is pretty good too. It has 10 settings like shower, mist, and jet. A nice touch is small peice that keeps it open, so you don't have to hold it the whole time. That's way better than my old nozzle. It also came with 4 spare gaskets but there were already gaskets in all connections.

Lightweight Handy Connector

Upon connecting it to my power washer, the hose proved to be exceptional. It's light and easy to move around. The best part? It has a special connection at the end. This lets you turn off the water right there, so you can change nozzle or hook it up to power washer without going back to the main water supply. Super handy! I placed it in our front flower bed and it fits just right for what we need.

Ann Delaney
Excellent Product

Stores neatly. Very compact.

Robert Milewski
Works like a charm

Lightweight, flexible, with excellent connectors.

Mirabelle Aouji
Great hose!!!

Feels sturdy & high quality build.