KOTTO LED Lighted Magnifying Third Hand Soldering PCB Holder Tool Five Arms Helping Hands

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  • 'Third Hand' workshop handyman vice – Ideal for Soldering, Assembly, Repair, Modeling, Hobby, Jewelry, Crafts. Five adjustable metal gooseneck arms and stainless steel precision crocodile/alligator tip clamps, with 360 degree rotation. They are strong to keep a tight grip on your components allowing you position them wherever you like.
  • Enlighten and enlarge your view – 3x magnifying glass with 5w color neutral LEDs allow you to view small details without compromise. PureView Optical glass enlarges components with ultimate clarity and less distortion. Powered with any USB adapter allows you to plug into any outlet or computer.
  • Weighted base and Anti-Split rubber feet: Solid weighted steel construction, power coated with industrial grade rubber feet ensures a stable base that does not move. Our rubber feet protects your work surface against scratches and scuffs.
  • Perfect for various projects – You can use our helping hands for all kinds of jobs, many customers use for hobby projects, electronics, arts and crafts. Painting figurine and models, as well as prototyping products and during production。
  • Package Includes: 1 x Solid Metal Base, 1 x LED Magnifying Glass, 4 x Flexible Arms with Alligator Clip, 5 x Rubber Covers, 1 x User Manual. Lifetime warranty, US based customer support, 30 days full satisfaction no question asked return period.

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Brown
This works very well

Love it! I didnt need 4 arms, but I use them, I just load up the second set and get twice as much done at a time. Easy to assemble, the light has 2 settings, magnifier is strong. If I had anything I would change, I would include a charger plug, this comes with a USB terminated cord for the light. No biggie, it can use any USB phone charger, handles a 2A one fine.


Purchased this as a gift for a friend but he loves using it. He's finished a lot of his projects using this.

Rodney Y.
Great Device

Great device

Kathryn Wood
Solid for use in many ways, despite minor imperfections

Love the light.The magnifying glass.The alligator clip arms are good, but they seem to untwist from the base a bit easily -- I might not have tightened them properly when I assembled it.My only real complaint is the rubber alligator clip covers could be a bit more heat resistant.I have melted several because they were holding a wire too close to where it was being soldered.If I were working on only smaller electronics with a smaller soldering pen, this may not have happened, but it would be nice if it werent a concern at all. The alligator clip holders are easily rotated, but they do come loose if you dont tighten them into a position--but that makes future adjustments of those a bit harder.The arms cant hold heavy weight -- a 12 ga wire needs at least 2 to hold it steady to whatever its being soldered to. But, I love it.The base is sturdy and easy to clean.The arms move into almost any position I want.Im not really comfortable using the magnifying glass while soldering yet, but I use it all the time for checking small and dim markings on chips, or looking at what Im soldering right before I start to make sure everything is aligned correctly. I do nearly all my soldering with this workstation now.

Jenna P.
Works better than expected!

Works wonderfully. the base is nice and heavy, and the magnets are really strong