Clovercat Reusable Water Balloons

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Watch your kids dive into endless summer fun with the Clovercat Reusable Water Balloons. Made from sturdy silicone, they are highly durable, allowing for repeated use in countless water activities. The soft, latex-free material is environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin, making the water balloons a safe and sustainable choice for kids and adults alike. The water balloons' rapid-fill design enables swift filling by just immersing them in water, providing convenience and hassle-free enjoyment. With many color options available, you can choose the ideal hues to add a splash of vibrancy to your summer fun! These refillable water balloons seal tightly after filling, allowing for easy storage and convenient use. They are suitable for various settings, including swimming pools, seaside adventures, lakeside gatherings, amusement parks, gardens, family parties, and barbecues. Elevate your summer activities and make every water fight memorable with these easy-to-use silicone water balloons.


  • Quick Fill for Instant Fun - Effortlessly enjoy your water activities with Clovercat reusable water balloons for kids. The water balloons' quick-fill design allows you to quickly fill and inject water into the balloons, ensuring more playtime and less waiting.
  • Soft, Safe, and Eco-Friendly Material - Experience peace of mind with Clovercat silicone water balloons crafted from soft, latex-free material. These reusable water balloons are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly, making them a safe and sustainable choice for kids and adults alike.
  • Advanced Self-Sealing Technology - Simplify your water balloon preparation with Clovercat's self-sealing technology. These refillable water balloons seal tightly after filling, allowing for easy storage and convenient use. Spend less time preparing and more time enjoying your outdoor water activities.
  • Ideal for All Outdoor Water Activities - Transform any outdoor event with Clovercat water balloons suitable for backyard play, swimming pools, beaches, and parties. Designed for fun all year round, these reusable water balloons for kids and adults enhance your water activities.
  • Vibrant Colors for Exciting Play - Clovercat reusable water balloons come in multiple vibrant colors to add excitement to your summer parties. Suitable for kids and adults, these colorful water balloons make great gifts and elevate any water-filled adventure.

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Chapman

Incredibly durable and simple to use, these water balloons for my kids have been a great find. I've heard scary stories about kids accidentally eating parts from water balloons. So, I checked mine carefully. The parts are securely inside so it's tough for kids to get them out. It's much safer than regular ones that can easily break. We're very happy with them!

Sebastian Silen
Soft and easy to close and play

We haven't tried these outside yet because it's still cold. But we tested them in the sink, and they worked well! They're made of soft material and close with magnets. No leaks. Before we used ones that would often leak. These are better because you can use them again and they're easy to fill up. Even my 8-year old can do it by themselves. We're excited to use them when it gets warmer!

Barbara Ingraham
Mess free and kid approved fun!

We bought these for little ones, aged 2 and 3. They were amazing! The kids could use them with hardly any help from us. Plus, big plus no mess of plastic bits in yard after playtime!

Daniel Donnelly ii
Magnetic water fun!

Kids love playing with these! The magnets stick together nicely. Sometimes bit of water might leak out, but it's not a big deal when you're having fun throwing them around. They're fantastic choice if you don't want to pick up bits of broken balloons from your garden. Just heads up, after lots of use, the magnets might come loose. So keep an eye on the little ones to make sure they don't put them in their mouths.

Teresa Herrera
Summer fun approved!

These balloons have been amazing this summer! Both my kids and I enjoy playing with them. They're also really strong. My little one, who is teething, chews on them but they're still in good shape no damage at all. I picked these because they were less expensive compared to others but their quality feels just the same. All the kids love them so much, I'm thinking of getting more soon.