Kotto Parrafin Wax Warmer for Arthritis Care or Hair Removal

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  • A strong metal container holds up to 4 pounds of wax. Making it easy to immerse entire body parts and to lather unto treatment areas. Providing relief by relaxing muscles, decreasing joint pain, and improving blood flow. A lid covers the wax warmer in order to protect from spilling.
  • RELIABLE WAX TEMPERATURE CONTROL KNOB: It will heat the product evenly and allows the hair removal wax to remain at a heated temperature until you turn it off. There will be no need to run back and forth to the microwave to reheat the wax or worry if it's warm enough! It also contains a see-through cover to prevent wax contamination!
  • WAXING SALON-LIKED RESULTS,  Cut your expensive hair wax salon visit when you will get rid of your unwanted hair by yourself through the use of this hair removal warmer that works like magic for everyone. Affordably effective and popular in demand, you’ll be able to get perfectly smooth skin without spending a lot of time and money!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE, USER-FRIENDLY: Anyone looking for professional results knows the value of quality and reliable wax warmers. Coming in an 8 and 14-ounce capacity that accommodates most wax containers and warms all hair removal wax formulas, 
  • HANDY WAX WARMER, COMPACT DESIGN:You can use it in different locations in the home and even outdoors! It’s light, comes in a decent size and compact. Courtesy of its good weight and not being bulky, this hair waxing accessory can be used in small spaces and is also very portable.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Stephens

Bought this item to use for my bigger candles. Only giving this 2 stars because it worked well when it actually worked. Used maybe 8 times and it stopped working after that. If you want a good one, go to Walmart; bought one there two years ago and it still works better than this one.

Love it

Been using it for candles. My mom and friends loved it so much they are going to get some too!

Smells wierd!!

I dont know what the deal is with this. No matter what scent I put in it, it smells like dirty socks! I cleaned it, put a new light bulb in it. I tried many different wax scents and brands. All smell like dirty socks. Try those wax scents in other warmers and they smell great. This warmer just stinks!!

It works. For awhile

It worked very well but stopped working after a month

William W.

Easy to clean and beautiful.