KOTTO Heavy Duty Adjustable Pipe Wrench Set

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  • DURABLE WRENCH SET : This premium quality 3 pack wrench set includes 8”, 10”and 12” pipe wrenches and a Carrying case. Made from high-strength malleable iron and the head is made of heavy duty forged steel. We used head heat processing technology for extra strength. The teeth are sharp, non- breaking, non-coiling, high hardness and wear resistant.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: The handle of the wrench is wrapped with plastic, and fits well in your hand. It makes you grasp the wrench more comfortably and less likely to slip. Provides better weight distribution and save labor. You cannot go wrong with these!
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT : Full floating forged hook jaw for fast jaw grip and release, allowing you to easily make quick adjustments. Wide I-beam handle design provides better weight distribution, saves labor and improves working efficiency for a job well done.
  • WIDE USE : This adjustable wrench set is suitable for all pipe related home improvement repairs that need a tight grip, such as gas tank repair, household plumbing, vehicle maintenance. The deep grooved teeth on each straight pipe wrench lock in place to provide a confident grip around smooth, round surfaces like showerheads or bathroom sinks and drains. This home tool kit is versatile enough for home use as well as professional use.
  • EASY STORAGE : For your convenience, we have included a carrying bag for more secure storage, improved organization and portability. You can now safely secure your tools in-between uses without worrying about losing them.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Burns
Great wrench

Way better than expected. Almost rigid quality!!!

Shannon Rodriguez
It looks like a very well made Pipe Wrench

I haven't used the pipe wrench yet,but by the looks of it ,it should do the job.It's light weight and looks well made.Not too bad for the price either.Will be using it soon.

Eric K.
Great performance, less money

This thing is solid. I see no reason why it shouldn't perform as well as it's major name brand competitor. This is a great tool line. I have their wrenches as well.

Laura Morales
Excellent monkey wrenches

Great-grandpas monkey wrenches may not be your friend. Monkey wrenches might be the most common generational tool relics best looked upon and put aside. They were forged in no way similar to samurai swords. First, unlike other >100 year forgings that age harden into prime working condition in woodworking vises and anvils, the 100-year-old monkey wrench is a high torque lever, strained in its intended use into an assortment of embrittlement propagating microfractures chancing sudden, catastrophic breaks. Ive had teeth and jaws break out like shrapnel. Handles snap sharply under my grip. Second, having bought high-dollar brand name wrenches, I lose them, and thats 100% my fault, of course. Its not worth driving 50-100 miles to attempt to recollect them. The modern state of tool metallurgy, processes, and design ensure that these wrenches were produced for the seemingly ridiculous low price. These are well machined, ground, and finished forgings. The low price has nothing to do with the quality and utility. They are quality wrenches that will last a lifetime, even in commercial use ... if you dont lose them. Excellent value for money.

Michael D.
Great wrench

Works great