Battery Cable Lug Crimper Tool 6-50mm², Wire Crimping Tool

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  • Battery Cable Lug crimping tool kit comes with a professional cable crimper and a cable wire cutter, which can satisfy most heavy stripping and crimping work.
  • Battery Cable Lug Crimper Tool is durable to use. Precise crimping moulds and complete locking (self locking and releasing mechanic unit) ensure high crimping quality when crimping repeatedly.
  • Battery Cable Lug Crimper is made of hardened steel, Tool for heavy crimping works / Crimper has an anti-slip handle for a safe application.
  • Easy operation: press to rotate the inside dies, The crimper has an individual settings from 6mm²/10mm²16mm²/25mm²/35mm²/50mm²( Similar to AWG 8/6/4/2/1/1/0)
  • Package include: 1 x Battery Cable Lug Crimper Tool, 1 x Cable Cutter, 1 x Storage Bag

Customer Reviews

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Leroy I.
paid for itself already.

Works great! Some instruction would be nice.

Alyssa Smith
Funniest instructions Ive ever read

Photo of instructions attached here. Instructions are completely useless but pure gold if you need a good laugh.

Tammy Moody
Exactly what it says it is

Works good for crimping and cutting larger gauge multi strand wires. I used to make a few ground straps for my car and truck, and it worked great.

Brittany O.
I was able to put a lug on a 4 ga battery cable

it worked great.

Brenda Russo
Great tool

Good for 0 gauge