Clovertale Braided ATX Sleeved Cable Extension Kit

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  • Premium power supply PSU braided individually sleeved cable extensions, fully shielded and multi-layered with high-quality copper 18 AWG strands.
  • Contains: 1 x 24 Pin ATX Extension Cable, 1 x 4 + 4 Pin EPS Cable, 2 x 8 Pin PCI-e Cable, 2 x 6 Pin PCI-e Cable, Cable Comb 24-Pin x 4, 8-Pin x 12, 6-Pin
  • With three-layered design: Outer ultra-density weaving, thick insulating middle layer and inner certified 18 AWG wire.
  • The new individually sleeved cables are heat-shrink free to ensure high-quality cable assembly and support for high currents to achieve superior performance and stability.
  • PC cable combs ensure cable separation and increased airflow while maintaining an organized look inside your PC. Keeps your cables in pristine management.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Watts
Great product!

These are perfect. I only wish I didnt have to buy cables I do not need.

Ashley Burke
Good value, looks nice and neat.

These are great. I moved the guts of my computer to a larger, prettier, more rgb case and didnt want the ugly stock cables on my psu cluttering up my pretty new case. Success! These are very stiff with a very slight natural curve, which works for my large case. The included combs helped me neaten up after I finished wriggling everything in to place. Well worth the price.

Sarah Benton
Look and Feel Great

These look great in my case and have held up for the past 6 months no problem.

Zackary F.
Great cables!

These braided cables are awesome and exactly what I needed to clean up the look from the original cables that came with my power supply. Keep in mind these are extension cables with a short length and most likely wont reaylch the power supply. The included cable combs really give it the tidy look and are great. Cables are of high quality, very flexible, and easy to work with!

Not shabby

Okay extensions. I wish i had spent a little more and got some more quality ones. But for price these are okay